The Point of Foursquare

Is it just me who is beginning to wonder why I’m bothering (when I remember) to check-in at the gym, at a restaurant, a shop or even a dry cleaner? No, I thought not…


Actually, I haven’t checked-in at a dry cleaner recently because I haven’t had the need to visit one. However, that’s not the point. If I had, would I have gone to the trouble of calling out a search party to risk life and limb delving into the depths of my handbag to rescue my iPhone so I could press the check-in button? Probably not. Why not? Well, this is the problem with foursquare…I feel like it’s losing the point…or is it?


I’ve checked in fifteen times and now I’m the Mayor! Great! I’ve unlocked the foursquare geek badge too! Double great! Now what? What do I get other than a digital honour from foursquare HQ? Well, nine times out of ten, absolutely nothing. Now, I’m certainly not stamping my feet and demanding a free Mars Bar from every corner shop of which I hold the Mayorship, but a complementary coffee (with skimmed milk) on production of my proof of election (by myself) would be kind of nice. And, I may even tell my friends about this great deal (then again they may try and oust me so maybe not!)


Free Coffee?



Talking of being ousted, have you ever had your Mayorship cruelly taken from under your nose and been on the receiving end of the dreaded, ‘Sorry for the bad news, but Minnie Mouse has just ousted you as mayor of Disneyland’ email?┬áIt really is devastating, likened to being dumped by text message, or so I’ve heard. I have seen fellow ‘foursquarers’ crumple on receipt of that email. They have threatened revenge drive-by check-ins, planned unnecessary trips that take them within check-in distance and worked out how many times they need to be at that venue within the next three and a half weeks to claim their digital Mayorship back. All to punish the thief that stole it from them so cruelly and without remorse only a matter of hours ago.


Anyway, back to the point – the point of foursquare that is. Why is it that so few businesses are taking advantage of what, I feel, is a terribly under-used social media platform? I find it astonishing that they wouldn’t know about foursquare, or if they did that they haven’t bothered ‘claiming’ their venue as their own. After all, it really is easy to do and you even get a window sticker from foursquare HQ – how cool is that?!


Our Cool Window Sticker!


Seriously though, any business who has claimed their venue on foursquare has access to statistics such as who has checked-in, when they checked-in, how many times they’ve checked-in, how old they are (well, approximately) and even if they’re male or female – wow! There’s some serious stats available there waiting to complement any marketing strategy – now there’s a point.


In a nutshell, we foursquarers aren’t after a free car or TV (although if my local Porsche dealership is reading this…) but every time we check-in at your business we’re letting all of our friends know about it. Hey, how about that for publicity?! Maybe a custard cream on the house for the Mayor next time she’s in? (If she can fit through the door after all the Mars Bars she’s eaten)


So, what is the point of foursquare? It has a point, a point just screaming to get out and be utilised. Most businesses, from start-ups to large organisations, just aren’t taking advantage of this great location-based marketing tool. So, if you want to get in there, buck the trend and start attracting more customers we can help. Call us!


(If my local dry cleaner is reading…)


The 49digital Foursquare Glossary:

Foursquare: Location-based App on your phone just waiting to be loved

Mayorship: Woop!

Venue: A place that sells more than just Mars Bars

Business: An organisation that didn’t even know it had a Mayor

Unlocked the … Badge: That’s really cool you must have been somewhere really special lots of times

Ousted: We just can’t talk about it…sorry

Check-in: Mostly genuine (but sometimes not – you know who you are)

Window Sticker: Blue, sticky and it says Foursquare CHECK IN HERE on it

  • Anna Kennedy

    Think I might have to get myself on foursquare and start offering some free cupcakes!